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Regardless of whether you want to protect your home, or a business property, or both, a security system is great. Even though there are a lot of expensive options that offer quite a lot, the truth is that not many need them. Most of us would be happy with basic surveillance functionality. You don’t need 4K videos, you don’t need an IR range of 100 meters. Big corporate companies may do, but individuals? Not that much. For that crowd, that wants something cheap, simple, yet useful, today we have this Amcrest 720p review. We will focus on the Amcrest IPM-721S. It is a very effective surveillance camera, and it will give you a peace of mind that you won’t get without a surveillance system. Read on, as we go deeper into the specifics of the camera, and see whether you should be ordering one.

The Amcrest IPM-721S review: features, pros and cons

amcrest 720p review

Setting up the system is very simple. There is a QR code on the bottom of the camera, which you scan with the free Amcrest View Lite app. This bypasses the need for a router, and port forwarding isn’t necessary either. This makes sure that anyone can set up the device.

The image sensor lets the camera stream crisp and detailed 720p videos. They can truly show you what is happening no matter where you put them. The camera will capture the scene and give you a vibrant image that tells you exactly what is happening. There are 30 frames per second on the sensor, and the resolution is great. With this resolution, you don’t have to stick your nose to the screen to see what is happening. The sensor has a field of view of 85 degrees. You can also use remote pan and tilt, as well as digital zoom. As far as night vision goes, it is clear up to 32 feet.

amcrest 720p review

You can use the microSD card slot to insert a card, and record your video through the card. However, there is also the option of using Amcrest’s cloud video recording service. Even though it is practical, many people consider it to be a bit too pricey for what you get. Competitor services sometimes offer more, so you might be best off by sticking to an SD card.

Rounding up the Amcrest 720p review

If you want to protect your business, or your home, you will need a CCTV system. As said earlier, many people avoid extremely expensive systems. This is partly due to the sole fact that they are expensive, but another reason is that not everyone needs an expensive system. If you don’t, getting a camera from a company like Amcrest can be a great option. The IPM-721S, specifically, is excellent. The image is clear and crispy, and there are plenty of features to it as well. It is highly efficient, and will easily give you the peace of mind that you’re after. All in all, you pretty much can’t go wrong with it.