Hello everyone, once more I’m going to talk about today a Funlux product: The 4 Channel 1080p HDMI NVR system. A wire system of 4 cameras that is easy to set up (Funlux main feature) and that can record up to 180-day with it intelligent mode.

If you’re not sure about which feature and camera type you should chose, I highly recommend you to check our guide “What Makes a Good Security Camera”

James Colins

Founder | Reseller

Review of Funlux 4 Channel 1080p HDMI NVR

The growing amount of people desiring to secure their home nowadays is alarming. If you find yourself feeling insecure or not comfortable in your own property, then it is high time for you to think about investing in a robust security system.

In order to start this important process, you would need some sort of silent guardian, which in this case would be video cameras capable of recording. With this idea in mind, you need to look into solutions like the Funlux 4 Channel 1080p HDMI NVR.


Main Features:

  1. 1280x720 HD Resolution
  2. Easy to Set up
  3. Smart Recording

Breakdown of the Features of the Funlux 4 Channel 1080p HDMI NVR

The Funlux 4 Channel 1080p HDMI NVR is actually a video camera system that is primary set up monitor your property, it can be your office or your home.

The setup is extremely easy, whereby all you need to do is to start by downloading the Meshare App, create an account, and connect all the IP video cameras to your router. After that, you would be able to easily render anything onto your device, be it your smart phone, your laptop, or even your computer. With the NVR recording system, you can record about 500 GB of data (remember, the hard drive is not included in this package), which can effectively store 50 days of continuous video from your electronic cameras. You would be able to enjoy the assurance of securing and monitoring your home no matter where you are across the world. Your belongings or family would be safe and secure from any kind of troubles.

Easy to Set up
  • The entire wireless camera setup is extremely easy to do, and a person with limited knowledge in informatics and technology would be able to get it done. The power is provided over the micro-usb cable. All you need to do is simply connect the NVR to the router so that it would have seamless connectivity that can be accessed from any part of the world through the Internet protocol.
Smart Recording System
  • It contains at least 180 days of recording features for the four camera sets that come along with it. It has the smart recording mode that detects every undesirable movement and records it.
Good Night Vision
  • The night vision capability lets you see more than 60 feet away, which is more than enough.
Good Quality Built
  • Moreover, the cameras are also weatherproof. They are equipped with and protected by great built materials to handle all the different weather conditions allowing them to last longer than the average outdoor camera system.
  • The cameras have also been known to work and record without the ability to connect to the Internet. There can be certain situations in which hackers might disable the camera. There could also be power or connection issues that lead to such kind of problems. Therefore, with the NVR recording facilities, you can have seamless recording, even when you are out of your house.
Automatic Notifications
  • Proper motion alerts have also been integrated into this product that comes with push notifications that directly go to your smart phones in case there is anything unusual recorded. In addition to it, you can also customize the areas for motion detection, and also schedule a time alert with the Funlux application at your disposal.

You can install it even if you’re not a Pro

The entire set up is extremely easy to unerstand, and the user interface is pretty wonderful to use for an experienced user, but a bit difficult for the novice.

However, that can be easily overcome by following the instructions and commands provided in the manual and instructions booklet.

  • Easy return policy of 60 days warranty return and two years warranty in case there are any problems with the product.
  • You have an easy access to your system with the remote control, be it from your smart phone, or even from other electronic devices.
  • Stays connected no mather what thanks to its wire connection, and be alerted with thanks to mobile notification system available with the Meshare App.
  • The setup of the entire system coupled with the NVR as well as the Meshare App takes not more than half a day.
  • The playback utility lets you rewind, fast forward and watch in slow motion your videos (The recording rate is up to 100 frames per second.)
  • There are a few niggles when it comes to the nighttim, particularly when it is coupled with motion detection, but nothing to worry about.

The Final Verdict

Funlux has been known to make great products, and with the Funlux 4 Channel 1080p HDMI NVR they have set up a stupendous, failproof wireless camera system that not only acts as the best surveillance system for your house or office.

With proper recording system as well as smart motion detection, it is safe to assume that you would be getting a wonderful product at a relatively cheaper price. This is the magic of Funlux Product, you get quality items for a very affordable price.

So, when you need a quality product that fulfils all your aspirations for a good security system, then this is the product that we recommend to you.