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Amcrest UltraHD 3-Megapixel 8CH Network POE Video Security System

Amcrest UltraHD 3-Megapixel 8CH Network POE Video Security System

Amcrest is notorious for well-done security systems that are meant for longevity and capturing. This brand is notorious for well-done security systems that are meant for longevity and capturing what needs to be captured. Beyond this, they are also known for their high quality and features that are well worth the price of their product. Speaking of, specifications of the aforementioned UltraHD include the forth coming:

  • Various color and size options available
  • Supports hard drives up to 4 terabytes
  • Comes pre-installed with a 2 terabyte HDD
  • Simultaneously records four cameras at once
  • Supports any ONVIF compliant IP camera, PoE optional


The Breakdown of the Features

There are a ton of features that should be spoken of, and hopefully we can get through all of them! One of the first features that we’ll dive into includes the ability for the 8-channel NVR to support hard drives up to 4 terabytes in size, with a pre-installed 2 terabyte HDD. Beyond this, you can record four cameras at once at 3-megapixel quality with 20 frames per second. The Amcrest UltraHD is a top of the line surveillance camera system.


With the best Ambarella chipset Amcrest has to offer, the video quality is supreme, despite the lack of frames per second. Surprisingly, this is one of the better cameras on the market. Another feature that you shouldn’t bat an eyelash at includes supporting any ONVIF compliant IP camera whether it’s a Dahua or Foscam. Beyond this, it’s worth noting that there are dual-core embedded processors to ensure that there is no video lag or stutter, despite the 20 frames per second note. Gaps won’t happen, either, so you never miss a beat – especially with capabilities of four cameras recording at once!


The Other features include being able to plug and play and get started as quickly as you can! The user interface and ability to configure and access, as well as control the entire user interface ensures that you won’t have any troubles at all while you’re trying to set up your cameras and device. Beyond this, you’ll be able to instantly access the live part of your camera from your phone (available on both iOS and Android platforms) for optimal ease of use when you’re not on the premises. Whether you’re at home or have a small business to run, the aforementioned is a great set of cameras. It’s also worth noting that this security system has a PoE feature, meaning a power over Ethernet feature for those wondering. We also love that there’s a USB backup!

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The First Impression of the Product

Okay, I’ll start right off the bat by stating that I love how many multiple trigger alarms there are for this camera to capture. Typically, ones that are cheaper don’t have as many because that mean’s they’d have to invest more money into each piece of equipment, but with the above Amcrest product, the trigger events include motion detection, video push, email, FTP, buzzer, video loss, recording, and more.

There are custom record modes as well, and even a USB backup so I don’t have to go crazy worrying. You can view this on your iPhone, Android, and even your iPad because of the well-done app that comes equipped. I do enjoy the various warranty offers, and the ability to simultaneously record four cameras at once. I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed with what this product can offer for the price, and I don’t have to worry about expanding or upgrading the hard disk drive anytime soon, as it comes packed with a 2TB one initially! Some don’t even have 750GB HDD, which is sad for such a demanding industry.

I really enjoy how you don’t have to rely on Wi-FI to bring you quality footage with this camera, as the secure connection ensures no breaks, gaps, or lag with your cameras and you can catch a culprit with ease – no worrying about delayed footage by any means!


What’s in the Box?

Within the contents of this package, you’ll surprisingly be receiving a lot. There is a DVR power supply, four different bullet IP cameras that are 3MP a piece and with PoE features. There are two 60-foot Ethernet cables, two 100ft Ethernet cables, as well as a 3-mp 4-channel PoE NVR with a pre-installed 2 terabyte hard disk drive – which is capable of being expanded to 4 terabytes. If you’re digging what’s included here, you’ll love the warranties included and the user experience!

Amcrest-UltraHD-3-Megapixel-8CH-Network-POE-Video-Security-System-first impression


The Advantages of Amcrest UltraHD

One of the better advantages of this product is that you automatically start off with a 2-terabyte hard drive with this product, and you can expand up to 4 terabytes. Unlike other products, sometimes you don’t get nearly this much space. The fact that the space given can be expanded even further to ensure longer recording times and space with continuous monitoring. Beyond this, you’re also able to simultaneously stream four cameras at once.

Another advantage of this set of cameras and security system is that you can watch everything in real time, and nothing is delayed – unlike the broadcast websites that are “live” but have delays on them. The HD, reliable footage ensures that you’re seeing everything AS it’s happening, which means that the police can get there before the culprits run off! (if you’re being robbed, of course). Even those that are not seasoned when it comes to technology can enjoy setting up this security system, as it’s extremely simple. There are USB backup features for those that want a tad bit piece of mind and you won’t have to worry about losing everything in case you have to take the evidence to the police or court.



The Disadvantages of the Product

While there are mostly advantages of this product, it’s worth noting that one of these advantages has a disadvantage. With four cameras simultaneously running, the quality (frames per second wise) is a bit of a disadvantage. While there can be four cameras recording at once, you can only record 20 frames per second so that the quality may be a bit more choppy and lower. While this isn’t the end of the world because you’re getting so many angles, for those that need the highest frames per second (between 30 and 60 generally for this kind of camera), you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Although, we believe that the quality is still doable and can help you monitor your premises accordingly. We think it’s also worth mentioning that there are dual processors included within this security system so that the 20 frames per second (instead of 30) isn’t noticed as something bad. You won’t have to deal with any sort of lag or stutter that you would normally see with a decrease in frames per second. Overall, we’re impressed with this product.


The User Experience and Performance

Initially, while the user interface is easier than many, it’s still a tad weird for those that are experienced with various security system user interfaces; however, the quality – especially at night time – is virtually unsurpassed and has quite a high-quality playback. Some of the pros include the picture quality being absolutely phenomenal, the installation is all about the placement which is extremely easy, the packaging is great, and the products come in beautiful working condition, and you don’t have to bother with any type of Wi-Fi functions.

There are plenty of Wi-FI only cameras that aren’t the best quality because they don’t have a secure and confident connection. While there are pros to this product, there are also some cons. With any, you may find that you’ll have a glitch or two and it won’t pick up on every single movement as some movements are too light – this is common for ANY motion detection aspect of a security camera. Beyond this, the manually may not be that great, but those that have this product have been able to install this with ease, regardless – even those that aren’t seasoned in this area.

What About the Warranty?

Thankfully, there are warranties in place for those that are thinking about splurging and getting a hold of this security system. The warranty and guarantee on this set is a full year from purchase, along with a US warranty, and a lifetime support offered. If you’re someone that isn’t in the US and you’re looking to purchase, be wary as the warranty is a domestic one, and is only for those in the United States. Thankfully, there is lifetime support offered!

The Final Verdict for this Amcrest Security Camera System

Overall, there aren’t too many things that can be said about this company and product that would deter someone from buying, as the product is quality, the picture boasts clarity, and the price is nice for those that want to make sure they can monitor their residence or commercial property with ease. With the ability to have multiple cameras running at once, as well as them being easy to monitor (with the app and the computer), you’re able to view anywhere you want on your property with little effort. I would say that I highly recommend this security system (as if it wasn’t obvious enough)!

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