If you’re looking to get into home security, getting a budget camera solution is one of the easiest ways. You will need a whole kit, and most of them are pretty expensive. However, they also offer plenty of advanced functionality as well. They have high resolution cameras with a lot of options. But, if you’re only looking for an entry-level kit, that isn’t very necessary. You will find plenty of kits that might look like a good budget option. However, most of them have severe downsides, which usually make them pretty useless. To be honest, though, there are exceptions. As you will see if you read on through our Amcrest NVR review, that system is one of those exceptions. It is a budget system with plenty of functionality. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive deeper into the details.

Who are Amcrest?

Even though they might not seem like a very famous brand, they’re actually pretty good. If you’ve investigated home security brands, you undoubtedly know of Foscam. Foscam China’s US distributor split up with them some time ago, and started a new brand now known as Amcrest. They have plenty of experience, and constantly improve Foscam’s weaknesses.

Amcrest NVR review: The details

amcrest nvr review

If you’re looking for a complete package, this one has everything. You get an 8-channel NVR, four 2MP cameras, and cables and power supplies to connect everything. The Amcrest NVR kit is actually a basic CCTV kit, but includes everything that you need, while remaining a budget option.

There is power over Ethernet, which is great for reducing the cable clutter. And it’s even better if you don’t have a power outlet nearby. There are motion detection alerts as well, which are more or less a must for any CCTV system. A great benefit is the bi-directional audio in/out, as well. Even though the system claims ONVIF compatibility, there is official support for third-party cameras. You can use a USB drive to backup the videos too. The only downside is that only two cameras can record at the full 2MP resolution with 30fps. If you want all four, the maximum resolution is 720p.

The cameras included are pretty decent. They have a resolution of 2MP, and they’re IP67 rated. This means that you could use them in foul weather outside, and as far as it doesn’t get out of control, they should be good. The lens has a 72 degree angle of view, and a fixed focus. The IR distance by the 36pcs ring LED is 30 meters, which should be sufficient.

amcrest nvr review

Wrapping things up

At the end of the day, the Amcrest NVR kit is a basic kit. It doesn’t excel in any particular area, but it doesn’t fall behind anywhere either. If you’re looking to get a simple kit, to get into the world of home security, it’s a great option. You won’t be spending a lot of money, yet you will have a good kit.

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